Engagement season is here!
Do you have a strategy for reaching newly engaged brides?

One of the common questions I hear from vendors is how to reach newly engaged brides. A large part of reaching these brides is understanding how they work, and what they are doing. We all know that there is a *prime time* for brides when they’re searching for and choosing vendors. This time is of course shortly after they get engaged.

Where are newly engaged brides?

– Brides start their wedding planning journey by Googling, searching, and pinning.

– The searches on Google and Pinterest will direct them to websites and wedding blogs, where they will consume all that they can about weddings!

What are newly engaged brides looking for?

– Inspiration & ideas

– Tips and advice on what to do

– Vendors

Brides turn to Every Last Detail to plan their wedding.

Some of the most visited posts on Every Last Detail are the ones that are telling brides what to do when they first get engaged. This means that many of the brides that find Every Last Detail are in the early days of planning their weddings. And they’re also looking for vendors– in fact, the Vendor page is one of the most visited pages on ELD! A large part of all of the advice that I provide to brides revolves around them hiring professional wedding vendors, and I always direct them to the approved vendors in Every Last Vendor.

Every Last Vendor isn’t just a vendor guide,
it’s an all-inclusive marketing platform.

Every Last Vendor isn’t a never-ending list of vendors like most vendor guides. It’s exclusive, and place for the best of the best in the wedding industry. What makes it different?

– Members of Every Last Vendor receive ongoing marketing, including blog posts, social media posts, and in-post highlights.

– There are a limited number of vendors in each location’s category so brides aren’t overwhelmed with options.

– All members are reviewed and approved before they are admitted membership to Every Last Vendor so I can be confident that I’m recommend only the BEST wedding professionals to brides.

Vendor-to-vendor networking, relationship building, and opportunities via an exclusive members-only Facebook group.


Hear what wedding professionals are saying about Every Last Vendor:


“ELD is so different from all the other wedding sites out there, but in an amazing way. I’m a small company and have always been a little hesitant with spending my advertising dollars. They have not only been one of the best investments I made this past year, but Lauren is such a wonderful support and her encouragement over the past year has been such a wonderful breath of fresh air. ELD not only promotes vendors, but has become such a great resource for my brides. A good majority of my clients this past year are because of ELD and I couldn’t be happier. I’m always more than happy to pass along ELD to other vendors, it is worth every penny to work with them!” – Heather Long of Simply Designed

“I am so thankful for Lauren and ELV. It is easy to feel lost in the sea of wedding vendors but being a part of ELV has given me numerous opportunities to meet other amazing vendors and to develop great relationships. Lauren has helped me grow as a business professional. She has encouraged me to be me and to reach my type of bride. It has revolutionized the way I run my business. I have doubled my business in just one year and I am still growing. Lauren and ELV are a huge part of my success!” – Theresa NeSmith of Theresa NeSmith Photography

“Love being an Every Last Detail Vendor. As a small business owner I feel I have to make sure I get a return on every advertising dollar I spend. With Every Last Detail I feel I get three times as much value from my advertisement. From her large blog following we are constantly being promoted and our work seen to a large audience which is invaluable!” – Michele Renee of Michele Renee Hair & Makeup

“ELD is different from every other site because Lauren truly makes every effort to ensure the vendors feel like there’s a community surrounding her site.  I’ve never seen a site owner and manager try to bring the community together like she has, enriching and empowering one another and making us all proud to be components of ELV.  She gives us many opportunities to stand out and contribute to the site so we feel like its not just hers – it’s ours.  She has such a genuine, unique way of doing business that makes me very proud to be part of the success of Every Last Detail.” – Mikkel Mihlrad of Mikkel Paige Photography


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Newly engaged brides are on Every Last Detail, and they’re looking for vendors!
How are you planning on reaching these newly engaged brides?


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