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Some of you may be familiar with the fact that I have a mission to connect couples with the best wedding vendors out there. For the past 6 years, I’ve been doing this via Every Last Detail’s exclusive vendor marketing platform, The V List.

V List membership costs a bit more than other sites, because it’s a service, not a listing. Wedding pros receive a listing on ELD, yes, but they also get admission into our members-only group, which provides them with access to publicity opportunities, as well as one-on-one access to me. In addition to this, members receive over $2000 worth of social media posts on the Every Last Detail social platforms, expanding their reach and putting them in front of hundreds of thousands of couples. So yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s also getting *something* for the money that is spent. In fact, it’s a pretty awesome deal, just $695 (with payment options too)! <<gasp, she shared her pricing!>>

However, over the last year I’ve been struggling with something. That mission I have to connect couples with vendors. You see, the truth is that I don’t have *enough* wedding vendors in The V List to be confident that I’m helping couples find the best vendors. Being that this is my mission, it pretty much breaks my heart and is on my mind EVERY DAY. Now yes, I probably am not “salesy” enough, and I don’t send enough emails or invitations to The V List.

And I know what you’re thinking, “Have you thought about lowering pricing so you can get more vendors?” Sure, it’s been a thought, but one that quickly disappears because of the service and exposure that we provide. And I don’t want to do away with that service and exposure, because I know THAT is what is important, not just being listed on a website. Not to mention- I’m looking for the BEST wedding vendors… ones that are successful and making money, not ones that are looking for the cheapest deals!

The other piece of the puzzle is that I am a firm believer in getting something for the money that you spend. I am always telling wedding pros that you must invest in something that is actively working for you. It’s why I provide SO MUCH to my members- valued at way beyond what they actually pay. So the option of providing a lesser option, of say, just a profile on ELD, is out of the question for me because quite honestly, it goes against my beliefs.

And also, I VERY MUCH believe that the power and success in marketing a wedding business online is via social media and influencer recommendations (hi!), and that all of this is a marathon, not a sprint. No magic happening over here- marketing is a long game, and results do not happen overnight.

But even after all of these thoughts, I still keep coming back to that mission. And as we get closer to engagement season, I need to make sure I’m providing couples with the BEST vendors out there.

And this is the thing- I’ve been working on a few things for newly engaged brides and grooms for the new year, and it’s becoming more and more clear to me: I need more vendors to recommend.

So here’s what I’ve decided:

I will be offering a 6 month V List Membership option from now until the end of the year.

It’s all of the same offerings as our annual membership, just cut in half for the rate of $395. Half the price (well, a little over half- gotta make the annual membership appealing still!), half the social media posts, half the time. It’s a great way to still reap the benefits of a V List Membership, but at a little bit of a lower price point, and at the same time, I can have more amazing vendors to recommend to the couples turning to ELD!

BUT, this option will only be available for a limited time- until the end of 2017! So from now until December 31st, you can get a 6 month membership to The V List, but after that it’s back to the usual annual membership!

So, what do you say? Do you want to become a V List Member and have your business marketed to (and recommended to) the thousands of couples who turn to ELD for the BEST vendors and wedding planning advice?

If your answer is yes (duh, it should be), go here –> to submit your application!

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Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail
Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.
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